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How To Use Epubbud (A Free Read-Books-Online Site) On Your Mobile

The ebook site http://epubbud.com is my favourite site to read novels free online. The best thing about the site is the ease with which you can navigate pages and chapters.

If you’re accessing the site on a mobile, you’ll see two green navigation arrows: the backward navigation arrow on the left hand side of the page just below the menu, and the forward arrow on the right hand side. You’ll only see this after clicking on the book cover to begin reading.

It is easier to keep track of books you read if you sign up, and then make sure you’re signed in whenever you visit the site. Then you can make use of a faint star beside the book cover on the start page, to add a book to your list of favourites.

You can also upload books and make them accessible to other users. Make sure though, that you’re not violating copyright laws. Some authors may not want their books accessible for free.

There does’nt seem to be any means of accessing all the books on the site; the way you can browse books by category or some other criteria on other sites.

To search for romance novels, pick a keyword like say ‘love’ or ‘forever’. You’ll be shown books with titles containing the keyword you typed.

Since most books are contributed by users, you could click on the user’s name just below the book cover to see their favourite books and books they published. You might find something you’d want to read.

Also, you can search for books based on the name of the authors. Type the name into the search widget and click the search botton . Sometimes, though, some books are’nt uploaded with the name of the author. To find it, you may have to search using the title.

Lastly, Goodreads has a list of epubbud books on their site. I usually browse through them, then when I find what I’d like to read, I go back to epubbud and search for the books using either the title or the name of the author.

Let me know if you think I missed something.

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Mama Cocoa

The MOUTHY Poets blog

My mummy was a chocolate tree

She was tall in spirit

And as vibrant as a seasoned cocoa pod.

She taught me everything

yet always said that she knew not a thing.

Her hair long and wiry grew from a head full of

stories of giants that fell from Mandela’s chocolate beanstalk

that he melted with the  heat of an African sun

She whispered Ethiopian music that travelled down her trunk in waves

as Ge’ez scripts played out in octaves

reaching down into roots which planted her firmly into dark red and dark soil.


When she laughed all of Mothere Nature

would ripple in it’s smoothness

When she told me off

Chips of roasted cocoa would hurt my heart


I knew when she was sad ‘cos  her arms

would hold me far away enough for me not to

catch the chocolate milk drops from her eyes



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A Poet’s Muse

Use your heart to guide your brain

Eh, use your brain to guide your heart

All the time, while I was growing up

I heard every time this timeless word

“The heart is desperate and treacherous”

In matters of the heart, this is null

My heart, so full of love to bursting

My head tells me this feeling is ridiculous

Every poet has got his muse

First time I heard that, I felt its truth

My muse are my emotions

Strongs emotions broiling in my heart

I feel the need to let all out

Anger, hatred, melancholy, envy

Emotions that leave me self-disgusted

Poetry seems a fluid way

To let it all out of the confines of this heart

Render it less valid

Proof it was all an illusion

My emotions, an inspiration

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Twelve Noon

The clock struck twelve

The sun turned red

The world turned black

A huge, black Orb

The earth boomed loud

The time stood still

It was but a moment

Next chaos broke out

Stampede of horses

Sounds of a euphonium

Pandemonium and frenzy

Confused and tortured,

All fall to their knees

Eyes all raised, unseeing to the sky

A millenium’s wait abruptly ends

But, it’s not the Apocalypse

It’s a global epidemic: Euphoric Paranoia

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A Wondrous World..

I live in a world..

Where the sun never sets

Rivers are never dry

Oceans are made of snow

Water is the colour of blue

Kids love vegetables

Ladies hate flowers

Babies are born with teeth

Fingers in place of pen

The sun, a few miles away

But this world is always cold

Our bodies have evolved so

We can stand the most cold

Houses are made of glass

Roads are paved with diamond

The skies are tinged with black

Minerals for blood

Our eyes can taste

Our heart never beats

Daddies are always there

Mummies can’t feel love

Babies are born singing

Trees as civilized as us

Flowers, a tempting gray

Our lifespan, aeons long

Our females and males, created equal

In strength and mental aggressiveness

Trees, a faint yellow

As healthy as Nature

Ferns grow fruits

Mosses are little beings

The time is always noon

Animals in the national team

With Humans as referees

A wondrous world,
I’ve come to know..

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No Room

Sitting alone in a warm room

Watching the stars twinkle above

The night is not silent

Thunder in the distance

Patters on my roof

An electronic device in my hand

For a moment I am distracted

Thoughts twirling in my head

Heart twisting on itself

I had a friend once

An old, old friend

Still is a friend

Lost him, too

His heart belongs to someone now

I’m stricken with jealousy

An emotion I loathe

Thoughts twirling in my head

A self analysis in motion

A moment of clarity!

I want him

But only because he’s someone else’s

Realizing that

Makes those ugly emotions

Wane and burn out

Sometimes, emotions are uncontrollable

At times lile this, a strong mind..

Keeps me on the level

I am loathe to take part

In any self delusions

A romantic attachment is not appealing

To a girl who prizes her singleness

She’ll not be the old, single lady

That pines for her love

Whether or not it was her decision

To keep love away..

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All I Wish For

All I wish for… is simple really

A roof over my head

A nice and cozy room

Stuffed with fluffy teddy bears

And potted little plants

Painted every imaginable colour

And filled with such vibrant paintings

Wallpapers’ll bow their heads in shame

A huge soft bed

I’ll come back to each day

To cuddle in the covers

With one great book

A horror by John Saul

So I can get so scared

I’ll raise the covers over my head

I’ll earn just enough

To buy my favourite books

And own an awesome lappy

Just powerful enough

I can create my own games

And live off the earnings

When they sell really well

I’ll earn just enough

To own my own apartment

And a nice little bike

I’ll go on rides at 3am

I’ll go on walks and jog each day

I’ll stuff on junk and work it off

I’ll collect movies and watch them all

With a glass of milk, to indulge in my crushes

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