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A Wondrous World..

on October 12, 2013

I live in a world..

Where the sun never sets

Rivers are never dry

Oceans are made of snow

Water is the colour of blue

Kids love vegetables

Ladies hate flowers

Babies are born with teeth

Fingers in place of pen

The sun, a few miles away

But this world is always cold

Our bodies have evolved so

We can stand the most cold

Houses are made of glass

Roads are paved with diamond

The skies are tinged with black

Minerals for blood

Our eyes can taste

Our heart never beats

Daddies are always there

Mummies can’t feel love

Babies are born singing

Trees as civilized as us

Flowers, a tempting gray

Our lifespan, aeons long

Our females and males, created equal

In strength and mental aggressiveness

Trees, a faint yellow

As healthy as Nature

Ferns grow fruits

Mosses are little beings

The time is always noon

Animals in the national team

With Humans as referees

A wondrous world,
I’ve come to know..


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A topnotch WordPress.com site

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