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How To Use Epubbud (A Free Read-Books-Online Site) On Your Mobile

on October 30, 2013

The ebook site http://epubbud.com is my favourite site to read novels free online. The best thing about the site is the ease with which you can navigate pages and chapters.

If you’re accessing the site on a mobile, you’ll see two green navigation arrows: the backward navigation arrow on the left hand side of the page just below the menu, and the forward arrow on the right hand side. You’ll only see this after clicking on the book cover to begin reading.

It is easier to keep track of books you read if you sign up, and then make sure you’re signed in whenever you visit the site. Then you can make use of a faint star beside the book cover on the start page, to add a book to your list of favourites.

You can also upload books and make them accessible to other users. Make sure though, that you’re not violating copyright laws. Some authors may not want their books accessible for free.

There does’nt seem to be any means of accessing all the books on the site; the way you can browse books by category or some other criteria on other sites.

To search for romance novels, pick a keyword like say ‘love’ or ‘forever’. You’ll be shown books with titles containing the keyword you typed.

Since most books are contributed by users, you could click on the user’s name just below the book cover to see their favourite books and books they published. You might find something you’d want to read.

Also, you can search for books based on the name of the authors. Type the name into the search widget and click the search botton . Sometimes, though, some books are’nt uploaded with the name of the author. To find it, you may have to search using the title.

Lastly, Goodreads has a list of epubbud books on their site. I usually browse through them, then when I find what I’d like to read, I go back to epubbud and search for the books using either the title or the name of the author.

Let me know if you think I missed something.


One response to “How To Use Epubbud (A Free Read-Books-Online Site) On Your Mobile

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