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The Other Side Of Remorse

on June 8, 2014


Buried in the deep recesses of a heart

             the heart of a lone soul

brave and hesitant

             shy and confident

of steel and gold

            is so much guilt, it hurts to ponder

helpless against this torrent of emotions

            a mix, tangled in each other

guilt, vengeance, remorse, ..


                          Allowed to overwhelm,

                         I’m left wondering……


to decide.. and decipher

                   what made this course of action the best

Baffling each time

                  but only for a second

A clear head and mind

             is all that’s needed

to be reminded

             there’s a reason

solid and valid

             and then some..

But the source of it all

lies in here..


                    Fear, fear it’ll all come

                                crumbling on me

                    I need a vent, need to let go

                                or I’ll never get a start


What do you do

               when there’s a chance

all you’ve ever known

              will be lost to you

before you’ve had the chance

              to replace it

with a new reality?


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A topnotch WordPress.com site

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