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The Other Side Of Remorse


Buried in the deep recesses of a heart

             the heart of a lone soul

brave and hesitant

             shy and confident

of steel and gold

            is so much guilt, it hurts to ponder

helpless against this torrent of emotions

            a mix, tangled in each other

guilt, vengeance, remorse, ..


                          Allowed to overwhelm,

                         I’m left wondering……


to decide.. and decipher

                   what made this course of action the best

Baffling each time

                  but only for a second

A clear head and mind

             is all that’s needed

to be reminded

             there’s a reason

solid and valid

             and then some..

But the source of it all

lies in here..


                    Fear, fear it’ll all come

                                crumbling on me

                    I need a vent, need to let go

                                or I’ll never get a start


What do you do

               when there’s a chance

all you’ve ever known

              will be lost to you

before you’ve had the chance

              to replace it

with a new reality?

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Tiny Minds

Each tiny creature

Moving with other brethren

Like a pack of wolves

Like a swarm of fish

Sticking together

Keepers for each other

A single line of thought running through them all?

Whose hand made these?

From what were these crafted out?

Do they ever wonder, why they all have to stick together?

Do they ever want out?

Do they get to decide?

Do they begrudge us for being so much better?

Larger, cleverer, much more higher beings?

More in touch with our inner self?

If they could understand, we’d make them aware.. it’s all overrated

They move in droves

Who leads them?

One finds food and invites the others

Have they not learned to be selfish?

If they survive, they survive together

If they die, they die together

These creatures inevitably, be on the brink of extinction

Wait, perhaps they evolved better than us?

Perhaps, both the weak and strong can co-exist

Perhaps, the terms ‘prey’ and ‘predator’ have no meaning for them

Perhaps, they have found a way to keep living- without competing

Perhaps, they have found a way, and are higher than us

Perhaps, these have found a way, through their selflessness.

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Tenderly.. by Hyacinth Amutalla Murphy

He touched me

Not with his hands

Something more electrifying

Something that set my heart racing

Something that set me ablaze

He touched me tenderly

He touched me gently

He touched me intimately

But all from afar

I smiled a little smile
for him

A secret smile

A knowing smile

Letting him know
there could be tender moments

Maybe a hand touch

Maybe a naughty wink

Maybe a distant kiss

Or a slow dance

Tenderly his eyes
touched me ..

To the core.

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The Person in the Mirror

I am superficial and stuck-up

Probably one of the meanest people you’ll ever meet

Call me pretentious, a hypocrite

You’d be right

Very few people really know me

Very few people that include…myself and I

I extend my help, not really

You just have something I want

I’m as beautiful and spellbindingly alluring as you’d imagine a human goddess-of love

You want to know me

I seem achingly innocent

But if you saw how twisted and dark my heart is

If you tasted my heart and your tongue felt its spikes

You’d know that all you see is a charade

As when a wild lion sits meekly and lets you pet it.


Through the Fence

The Phoblography

IMG_7543 by davebignell1
IMG_7543, a photo by davebignell1 on Flickr.

Taken on 30th October 2013 using a Canon EOS 7D. Taken in Buckland Abbey, Devon, UK.

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Whatever is not Stone

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Mama Cocoa

The MOUTHY Poets blog

My mummy was a chocolate tree

She was tall in spirit

And as vibrant as a seasoned cocoa pod.

She taught me everything

yet always said that she knew not a thing.

Her hair long and wiry grew from a head full of

stories of giants that fell from Mandela’s chocolate beanstalk

that he melted with the  heat of an African sun

She whispered Ethiopian music that travelled down her trunk in waves

as Ge’ez scripts played out in octaves

reaching down into roots which planted her firmly into dark red and dark soil.


When she laughed all of Mothere Nature

would ripple in it’s smoothness

When she told me off

Chips of roasted cocoa would hurt my heart


I knew when she was sad ‘cos  her arms

would hold me far away enough for me not to

catch the chocolate milk drops from her eyes



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A Poet’s Muse

Use your heart to guide your brain

Eh, use your brain to guide your heart

All the time, while I was growing up

I heard every time this timeless word

“The heart is desperate and treacherous”

In matters of the heart, this is null

My heart, so full of love to bursting

My head tells me this feeling is ridiculous

Every poet has got his muse

First time I heard that, I felt its truth

My muse are my emotions

Strongs emotions broiling in my heart

I feel the need to let all out

Anger, hatred, melancholy, envy

Emotions that leave me self-disgusted

Poetry seems a fluid way

To let it all out of the confines of this heart

Render it less valid

Proof it was all an illusion

My emotions, an inspiration

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Twelve Noon

The clock struck twelve

The sun turned red

The world turned black

A huge, black Orb

The earth boomed loud

The time stood still

It was but a moment

Next chaos broke out

Stampede of horses

Sounds of a euphonium

Pandemonium and frenzy

Confused and tortured,

All fall to their knees

Eyes all raised, unseeing to the sky

A millenium’s wait abruptly ends

But, it’s not the Apocalypse

It’s a global epidemic: Euphoric Paranoia

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A Wondrous World..

I live in a world..

Where the sun never sets

Rivers are never dry

Oceans are made of snow

Water is the colour of blue

Kids love vegetables

Ladies hate flowers

Babies are born with teeth

Fingers in place of pen

The sun, a few miles away

But this world is always cold

Our bodies have evolved so

We can stand the most cold

Houses are made of glass

Roads are paved with diamond

The skies are tinged with black

Minerals for blood

Our eyes can taste

Our heart never beats

Daddies are always there

Mummies can’t feel love

Babies are born singing

Trees as civilized as us

Flowers, a tempting gray

Our lifespan, aeons long

Our females and males, created equal

In strength and mental aggressiveness

Trees, a faint yellow

As healthy as Nature

Ferns grow fruits

Mosses are little beings

The time is always noon

Animals in the national team

With Humans as referees

A wondrous world,
I’ve come to know..

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